A Comprehensive Guide To Migraine Relief.



Based on the latest scientific research, you will learn what is actually causing your migraine and follow simple steps to find long-term relief.




"The only thing holding you back from finding migraine relief, without drugs, is not fully understanding the real causes of your migraine ( not just the triggers).  Solving the Migraine Puzzle fixes this problem. "

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With our new book, Solving The Migraine Puzzle, you can find your solution to your migraine, without drugs or invasive procedures. 


Solving The Migraine Puzzle - A comprehensive guide to migraine relief.



If you're like most people with migraine, you have been suffering for years without any clear answers to your most important questions.
What is causing your migraine, and what can you do about it.

Not knowing the answers to these questions is the very reason that you end up suffering from migraine for years or decades.  Much longer than you should have to.

But it is not your fault or your doctors. 

Migraine is complex with many different causes.  You see no two people with migraine are the same.  Different causes require different solutions, and that is why those things that you tried didn't work for you as they did for others.  


Dr Damian and Dr Beth, both osteopaths, have turned into migraine detectives to help solve the migraine puzzle that affects over 1 billion people worldwide.

After extensive research, combined with their 18 years of experience treating patients with chronic and complex migraine, this book will completely revolutionise how you, and doctors, manage migraine.

Even though migraine is a complex disorder, there are hidden clues that you can unravel to find out what is actually causing your migraine to keep coming back month after month.  And once you know this, solving your migraine puzzle becomes possible.  

This is the first book to delve into the science of migraine from multiple perspectives and provide real answers for real people.

You can stop guessing what you have to do and base your action steps on science tailored to your unique situation.  


In ‘Solving The Migraine Puzzle’, here are just a few things that you’ll discover:

  1. How your genes really affect migraine and why most of what you have been told about migraine is wrong.
  2. What migraine really is and our “Bucket Theory” for migraine
  3. Why looking for the "ONE THING" (i.e the one cause, one treatment, one medicine or one solution) will cause you to fail
  4. Which 3-5 conditions in your body are combining to produce your migraine symptoms, and what to do about it 
  5. Why migraine treatment ultimately fails for most people, and what to do instead
  6. How your neck can contribute to your headache and migraine, and why past treatment has failed
  7. The natural way to combat hormonal migraine, that doesn't increase your risk of severe side effects like stroke and weight gain
  8. Why triggers are just the tip of the iceberg and often lead people down the wrong path
  9. How to look past the triggers to find out what is really causing you to be vulnerable to your triggers
  10. Why migraine ends up being a life long disease for many people, and how you can stop it in its tracks
  11. The brain-gut connection and how to tell if you are one of the 30% of people with migraine may be caused by gut issues
  12. How a normally functioning brain is partly determined by what you put in your mouth
  13. How the so-called “healthy” food that you are eating is pushing you closer to another migraine episode
  14. The supplements that every migraine sufferer must take that have consistently shown a 50% improvement in migraine symptoms in scientific research 
  15. Why relying on medication can make you sicker and more vulnerable to migraine


In their new book, Solving the migraine puzzle, they'll show you exactly how to:

  1. Get crystal clear on what is causing your migraine, and 
  2. Take you through a step-by-step process to help you solve your migraine puzzle.

Within hours of reading this book, you can be moving down a clear path toward long term migraine relief.

It's possible and Solving The Migraine Puzzle shows you how.

 Buy today and save 50% Just $14.95.


NOW is the time to start taking control of your health. It all starts with you and this book – SOLVING THE MIGRAINE PUZZLE.

With this book at your side, you can follow our proven 2-step process, to transform your health. 

For decades, migraine have baffled doctors and patients alike. No-one seems to know what causes migraine, and, as a result, people suffer for years or even decades.
Solving The Migraine Puzzle reveals what really causes migraine, based on the latest scientific research, combined with experience from successfully treating thousands of patients.  
Written specifically for patients with headache and migraine, it will help you to understand what is causing your migraine and exactly what you can do about it.  It will lead you through a simple step-by-step process so you can reclaim your health.
For the millions of migraine sufferers worldwide, this book gives you the hope of finally finding a real solution to your migraine without relying on drugs or invasive procedures. 
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Dr. Beth Yule

Beth has always had a love for science. She graduated from Melbourne University with a Bachelor of Science majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology before she then went to RMIT University and studied Osteopathy and graduated with Distinction, graduating with a Bachelor of Health Science/Bachelor of Applied Science (Osteopathy). 

Struggling with her own debilitating chronic headaches, Beth loved treating every ailment that Osteopathy could treat but soon found her passion for treating chronic headaches and migraine after she, herself, found relief from her own pain through hard effort, research and treatment. 

Beth strongly believes that no one should have to live with or lose time to headache or migraine. That is why she has dedicated her career to helping those with chronic headache and migraine find a better answer. Beth has spent years developing, researching, training herself and others in the field of chronic headache and migraine so that she and her team at Melbourne Headache Solutions can help as many people suffering as possible live a fuller, lighter life. 

Dr. Damian Poustie

Damian Poustie is the director of several busy health clinics in Melbourne including Melbourne Headache Solutions. 

Damian has Bachelor degrees in Human Biology, Applied Science (Osteopathy), and a Masters of Health Science (Osteopathy).  With over 18 years of experience treating patients with chronic and complex conditions and having performed over 20,000 consultations he always found helping people with migraine the most rewarding but also the most challenging.   Although Osteopathy was helpful for people with migraine it never seemed to give long-lasting results for patients. 

He knew there had to more to the migraine puzzle and sought out to research migraine from a more holistic perspective, investigating the effects of diet, gut health, stress/anxiety, hormones, sleep, and the immune system. 

Solving The Migraine Puzzle brings 18 years of experience and research into an easy-to-read, patient-centred book, with a simple step-by-step process to help you find your solution to your migraine puzzle.  

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Why People Love Our Book


"It's so informative, concise, well researched and you have covered the many faces of migraine and their possible root causes. Exciting information! Even though I thought I knew a lot about migraines this book has opened my eyes to so much more. I have read and re read certain chapters because there is so much great information. I can now be more mindful about the next steps to successfully take control of my lifestyle choices in hope that it will help to reduce and further eliminate my migraines for good."


"Wonderful book! I have found this book so interesting and helpful! 

I have been suffering with migraines for years and they can get really overwhelming.

This book explains things in a way that I can understand and relate to and I have started implementing and changing things already."


"My wife has battled migraines all of her life, nothing worked. Since I bought this book she became a biologist and investigator and has been knocking off all the triggers and causes. She discovered she was doing things that caused migraines all the time. Not anymore.

We aren't completely migraine free yet, but we are definitely better off with this book."


"So much great information for migraine sufferers, and it is all very easy to follow and understand."


"Lots of good info in here, worth the read!"


"A very thorough and detailed book, providing an informative insight. A little lengthy but easy to follow and uses a great index to direct to points of interest."


Solving The Migraine Puzzle - A Comprehensive Guide to Migraine Relief 

Finding relief from migraine means not just stopping the pain, nausea and hangover effects.

It means not having to worry about when the next attack will strike...

it means better overall health...

it means taking care of family...

it means being productive at work...

it means living a healthy, fulfilling life as you deserve.

Finding migraine relief doesn't happen by accident ( and it's not luck either).

This book 'Solving The Migraine Puzzle" takes you through a step by step guide so you can find migraine relief in 90 days or less.