Treating the cause of your headaches and migraines, not just the symptoms.

Dr Beth Yule - Osteopath
Team Leader

Beth graduated from RMIT University with a Bachelor of Health Science/Bachelor of Applied Science (Osteopathy) with Honours, having previously completed a Bachelor of Science at Melbourne University majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. She has always had a fascination with the inner workings of the body and has an enthusiasm for exercise and health so Osteopathy was a natural fit for her. 

After suffering for 7 years with chronic daily headaches, Beth had had enough and wanted more for herself, and for the chronic headache and migraine patients she was seeing, than a life of constant pain. She had tried regular treatment options but nothing was working so she went in search of a different answer. 

Beth then discovered the  Watson Headache ® Approach to treatment which yielded wonderful results and finally gave her hope again that she could be pain free. When Beth attended the first Watson Headache ® Approach course, it gave her an eye opening new perspective and approach to treating headaches/migraines. Unlike normal forms of manual therapy, it was specifically researched and designed for headache and migraine sufferers, giving focus to treatments. With her enthusiasm and optimism renewed, Beth completed all 3 Levels of training and became a Watson Headache ® Certified Practitioner. 

Through treating chronic headache and migraine sufferers, Beth saw how interrelated, confusing and devastating vestibular disorders can be and therefore Beth has completed advanced studies in vestibular rehabilitation/disorders to help patients from many different aspects. 

Beth is very passionate about sharing her knowledge with other sufferers and helping them with their journey to find a life free from headaches, migraines and dizziness. That's why she has chosen to dedicate her career to only treating and educating headache, migraine and vestibular patients. Beth enjoys her role as Team Leader, helping to train and support the team. 

When not in the clinic, Beth enjoys skiing, reading, yoga and is a 3rd Dan black belt in taekwondo. 


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Dr Damian Poustie - Osteopath
Clinical Director
Damian has a strong passion for headache and migraine conditions.  He has completed over 25,000 consultations primarily for spinal conditions and headaches and migraines.  He completed a 4 year internship in the United Kingdom at the Ashford Osteopathic Centre and since returned to Melbourne to establish several specialist health clinics including Melbourne Headache Solutions, Melbourne TMJ Solutions, Premier Sports & Spinal Medicine and Premier Pilates. Currently Damian is spending a majority of his time training other Health Care Practitioners.
At Melbourne Headache Solutions, we have a special interest in treating headaches and migraines. Our Practitioners have a combined experience of over 50 years and have conducted over 40,000 consultations on patients with pain. However, we don't rely just on our experience.  We actively pursue to improve our knowledge and to acquire important new technology, which ultimately leads to better outcomes for our clients. Today, medical advancements occur quickly, but widespread uptake of these advancements can be slow. Our assessment and treatment is based on the most up to date scientific evidence into the management of headaches and migraines. We take the time to accurately assess your condition and identify the cause of your headaches or migraines so we can develop a comprehensive treatment plan.  We learn more about the body and pain every day. It fascinates us, and helping our clients overcome it, is what we love to do.  ​

Dr Katie Bruni - Osteopath

Katie has always been interested in combining both her interest in the complexity of the human body and her love for helping others. Therefore, Osteopathy as a profession was the perfect fit. Katie graduated from RMIT University with a Bachelor of Health Science/Bachelor of Applied Science (Osteopathy).

Katie prides herself in working to help people find long term solutions to their pain and returning people back to doing what they love by using her osteopathic training. This became an issue when Katie realized she was not seeing the results she desired in chronic headache and migraine sufferers, and was only providing symptomatic relief with Osteopathic treatment. This inspired Katie to learn more about the theory and mechanics behind chronic headaches and migraines, which lead her to Melbourne Headache Solutions where she learnt all about the underlying causes of headaches and migraines so that she can help provide long term solutions for her patients. Katie has also been trained in the Watson Headache Approach. 

Having suffered for many years herself with migraines, Katie understands the struggles and frustrations that migraine patients go through. That is why Katie has chosen to dedicated her career to helping those suffering with chronic headaches and migraines find a long term results like she did. 

When Katie is not in the clinic, she can be found down at the Preston Bull Ants Football Club helping out as a trainer. Due to her association with the football club, Katie has a particular interest with sporting injuries particularly associated with headaches and migraines. 

Dr Kevin Tee - Osteopath

Kevin believes that everyone has the right to engage in and enjoy the freedom of movement. He completed his major in Human Physiology at Monash University before learning to apply this knowledge as an Osteopath at RMIT, graduating with a Bachelor of Health Science/Bachelor of Applied Science (Osteopathy).

Kevin originally enjoyed treating anything and everything as an osteopath. He has an extensive history working with martial artists and combat spot athletes, particularly since he, himself is a martial artist. But quickly Kevin noticed the growing complexity of headaches and head injuries in his patients and the frustrations they suffered because of it. Instead of being another osteopath doing the same thing for his patients over and over again expecting a different result, he sought a different solution. Wanting a faster and long lasting solution for his patients to improve their quality of life and achieve their goals, he joined Melbourne Headache Solutions. Since then Kevin and his patients have found the results that have been looking for.

Kevin also has an additional interest in and has also done further training in the field of concussions, post concussion syndrome and dizziness. 

Outside of work, Kevin enjoys spending time with his family, practicing martial arts, being outdoors and tasting coffee.

Dr Helen Frederikson - Osteopath

Helen was drawn to Osteopathy in her 20s after struggling with headaches, neck pain and jaw pain following a whiplash injury as a teenager. Osteopathy was of such a huge benefit to her that she decided to pursue a career as one. Helen graduated from Unitec in Auckland, New Zealand in 2014 with a Bachelor of Applied Science and a Masters of Osteopathy. She chose to complete her Masters qualification in Osteopathic treatment for orofacial pain due to her own personal experience and has found this to be of great value when treating patients with similar complaints.

Helen understands the frustration of those suffering from headaches and migraines and wanted to be able to make more of a difference to improve the symptoms and overall quality of life of sufferers. After finding Melbourne Headache Solutions and learning more about the techniques used and the amazing results being obtained she knew she had found herself in the right place.  Helen has done advanced training in the field of headaches and migraines including being trained in the Watson Headache Approach. 

Helen has recently relocated from Auckland to Melbourne specifically for this role and is loving it here. Helen is a friendly and approachable osteopath that finds great reward in being able to help others. Helen is an avid hiker and foodie so you will often find her scaling a mountainside or testing her taste buds out in various food joints around Melbourne.

Dwayne Horwood - Physiotherapist

Dwayne has always been fascinated by movement and how the body works. He completed a Bachelor of Physiotherapy and has since completed three post graduate qualifications in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, Sports Medicine and Exercise Science (Strength and Conditioning).

Dwayne was seeing a lot female officer workers with head and neck pain when he first started working. This drove Dwayne to understand more about office workers suffering from head and neck pain and completed multiple research projects on the topic at the post grad level. This naturally expanded into headache suffers. Headaches are very common and yet despite that, they are often very poorly managed. 

Dwayne found headaches could be frustrating to treat with symptoms often reoccurring. He was lucky enough to attend one of Dean Watson’s symposiums where he spoke about the Watson Headache approach and inspired Dwayne to develop a lasting solution for his clients. Dwayne then joined Melbourne Headache Solutions so that he could continue his journey to further his knowledge and skills to help his patients find lasting solutions to their headaches and migraines. 

Maddy Parker - Physiotherapist
Maddy graduated from Western Sydney University with a Bachelor of Health Sciences/Masters of Physiotherapy. Maddy's passion to become a Physiotherapist came from her own personal experience as a teenager, experiencing a medical condition with chronic headaches, spinal joint pain, and muscle weakness. After getting through her own intensive rehabilitation, she was amazed at the human body - its resilience, and ability to heal through with the right support team, therapy and lifestyle management. From this stems Maddy‘s interest in helping those experiencing chronic headaches/migraines - she understands the frustrations but then the wonderful outcomes that occur when finding the right team to support you on the road to recovery.  
Since graduation, she has always loved particularly working with those clients experiencing upper body, neck, TMJ and headaches, undergoing further training to effectively treat TMD (jaw-pain), neck, and thoracic spinal pain. Although over the years, she found there was a missing link in the long-term solutions, not just symptomatic treatment for her clients experiencing headache/migraines. After finding the Melbourne Headache Solutions team and training in the techniques used  she knew she had found the answers to help her clients thrive - not just survive!  
Maddy has recently relocated to Melbourne and is loving her time here. Outside work, Maddy enjoys living an active lifestyle be it daily pilates, bike-riding or swimming. She loves spending her spare time cooking, catching live music gigs, and outdoors exploring all of Australia’s natural beauty - especially her new playground in Victoria.

Mel Ritchie - Practice Manager

Mel has been with Melbourne Headache Solutions from the beginning and has been a huge support in helping it grow and develop. Mel is the full-time practice manager based at Fitzroy North in charge of pays, accounts, rostering, and quite often mothering all the staff.

Outside of work she’s a Mum of two and fearlessly enjoys netball, gardening and being a handy-woman. Her favourite thing about Melbourne Headache Solutions is watching the team grow and evolve and the support everyone gives each other as well as the fantastic atmosphere.

Emily Campbell - Administration

Emily had been a long time sufferer of migraines. After being a patient at Melbourne Headache Solutions, she was then thrilled to join the team, wanting to help clients get started on their own treatment and realise a life without pain. Emily is particularly passionate about using her psychology training to understand and empathise with all of our patients so that she can help support people's journey towards finding a life unburdened by migraines.

You will find Emily's friendly face at our Thornbury clinic. She is also head of patient communications and so is often the first point of contact for patients; eager to support the work you do with your practitioner, with a smile.

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