Effectively Treat & Prevent Your Migraines Without Relying On Medication and Multiple Doctors Appointments.

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For people with all types of migraine and headaches who want to find long-term relief, without relying on medications with unpleasant side effects.

Solving the Migraine Puzzle

Your Personalised Migraine Recovery Program Hosted By Dr. Damian ( osteopath, researcher, clinician and author)


Are you confused about what is actually causing your migraine or headaches?

Are you struggling to find REAL solutions for your migraine? 

And frustrated that nothing seems to help? 

 And ultimately fed up with the impact migraine has on your life?



You've been losing too many days to migraine, and it's affecting every aspect of your life - work/study, family and relationships, social life and even your well being. 

There is an EASIER way to treat migraine EFFECTIVELY that helps to eliminate migraine symptoms and improves your overall health and wellbeing.  A program that is based on the latest scientific research into brain health and migraine.

We can help you get crystal clear on what is causing your migraine and exactly what to do about it, based on the latest science and practical experience helping thousands of people just like you.


With the Melbourne Migraine Protocol, there is no guesswork —just a systematic approach to uncovering the underlying cause of your migraine and a step-by-step process to reclaim your health.





Migraine is a complex neurological condition that even most doctors do not understand, so trying to figure it out on your own is going to be tough, even impossible.    And the thing is that you should not have to figure it out alone - that's why we have created this program for you.

STOP trying to guess what you have to do, and partner with the experts that have a proven track record in helping people with chronic and complex migraine.  

The Melbourne Migraine Protocol, designed by migraine researcher, author and clinician, Damian Poustie, simplifies the process of identifying the underlying causes of your migraines and walks you through a step-by-step process to address each issue that is contributing to your unique migraine profile.  


  • Learn what really causes migraines (it's not what you think)
  • Determine your Unique Migraine Profile to fully understand what is causing your migraine. 
  • Have a clear written plan of what you have to do over 12 weeks to reclaim your health. 
  • Understand how different areas of your body and health contribute to your migraine/headaches.
  • Understand the role of your hormones, food, gut health, stress, genetics, neck and jaw issues, inflammation, autoimmunity and more in migraine pathogenesis.   
  • Know with more certainty which areas you need to focus on to put your migraine in remission and improve your overall health.
  • Be fully supported by a team of experts, from start to finish so you are never left to figure it out on your own.
Your solution to your migraine is so close, you just haven't had the right support to help you to bring it all together. 
This 12-week program is not just a video series of information, but a step-by-step program that will help you to reduce the severity and frequency of your migraines without relying on medication.
  • This program is for people with all types of migraine and chronic headache
  • EVEN IF you have tried everything under the sun
  • EVEN IF you have been relying on medication 
  • EVEN IF you have had it for years or decades
  • EVEN IF you have been told that there is nothing more to be done and that you will have to learn to live with it.


We will guide you through your healing journey, so you are never lost as to what to do.   


Let me ask you a question,

When was the last time that you truly felt great in your body? 

That is that you had no pain, you woke up feeling energised, and your mind was clear?

The protocol that I teach in this program helps to improve your brain health and your overall health & wellbeing - the benefits extend much further than just relieving migraine symptoms.  

If you are...

...FED with repeated migraine episodes that steal precious time from you every month 

...TIRED of not feeling well in between migraine episodes

...OVER relying on medication that doesn't work that well

...SICK of worrying when the next migraine will strike

and you want to be empowered to take your health into your own hands so you can live a full and vital life without the worry of migraine

...then this program is PERFECT for you!





Solving the Migraine Puzzle is tailored for those suffering from chronic headaches and migraine, and has been designed based on the latest scientific research into migraine and brain health, PLUS is used extensively around the world by increasing numbers of doctors and neurologists.  


 It is for anyone with chronic migraine and headache such as


migraine with aura,

hormonal/menstrual migraine,

vestibular migraine,

cluster headache,

hemiplegic migraine

and more.


If you enrol in our program, you will start to take control of your health, and be guided by experts with a track record of helping thousands of people with migraine. 

You will learn how to REDUCE your migraine severity and frequency using smart, specific and actionable steps that you will carry without for life.  You won't have to rely on medication or other people to live your best life free from migraine.



Medication is not going to solve your problem. Sure it will help to cover up the symptoms a little bit, but while ever you are doing that, your underlying issues are getting worse and harder to treat, which is affecting your health in the long term.  

Those people that take their health into their own hands but don't know what they have to do are the ones that end up ditching the medication and reclaiming their health.  

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You have two choices...

CHOICE #1: The Old Way

Relying on medication and/or keep wasting time and money on "trying to figure it out on your own".


CHOICE #2 - The New Way

Partner with the experts who have a proven track record of helping people with migraine and follow the step by step plan devised for you based on your Unique Migraine Profile and the Melbourne Migraine Protocol. 



After 2 decades of helping people with chronic and complex migraine in our 4 Melbourne clinics, repeated lockdowns gave us time to consider alternatives for helping our patients, not only in Melbourne but all over the world.

We started a test group in 2021 with 10 participants to deliver an online migraine relief coaching program, called Solving the Migraine Puzzle.   We systemised our clinical expertise and leveraged technology to help these 10 patients discover their underlying causes of migraine and supported them through their recovery.

We soon realised that the results we can get from this approach were as good if not better than what can be achieved by multiple doctors appointments. Using technology, you now have your own migraine expert accessible 6 days a week to answer any question you have.  We can provide more personalised and detailed information and a far greater level of support to help you get on top of your migraines once and for all.

Plus you will be part of a community of people (including our original test participants) who are sharing the same journey to optimal health and wellbeing, so you will never be left to try to figure it out on your own.  






Whilst we can never guarantee we can help 100% of people, we know our process works, and if you follow your personalised plan, we are confident that you will also see results. It usually takes between 3 and 6 months for people to make considerable progress, however, some start to see changes after the first week. This is not a quick fix program, but a comprehensive and detailed program designed specifically to put migraines into remission. There are no lock-in contracts, and you may cancel at any time before the autorenewal.   


Solving the Migraine Puzzle

Course starts on the 1st of the month




Will this work for me?

We screen each person for suitability before starting the course. If we believe the program is not right for you, we will not accept you into the program and recommend another option for you.  If accepted and you follow your personalised plan and seek support when you need it, we are confident the program will work for you.  

Does it matter what type of migraine I have?

If you have classic migraine, migraine with aura, vestibular migraine, cluster headache, menstrual/hormonal migraine, tension-type headache or any other type of primary headache or migraine you are a candidate for the program.  If you have a diagnosed pathology (secondary headache) such as infection, tumor, CSF pressure disturbance, haemorrhage, acute trauma this program is not designed for you. 

 But I have tried everything already including changes to my diet, medications, supplements, chiropractic, and nothing seems to work?

So many people with migraine have tried so many different things in the past, some of the time they are on the right path, and others they are simply doing the wrong thing for them.  They have had to guess what to do because they have not had any support so it rarely works.  In my experience, after working with thousands of people with migraine, what they have tried was never going to work either because it was the wrong thing or it was not implemented correctly whether it be diet changes, elimination diets, supplements, or treatment on their neck, etc.  We will show you what to do and how to do it based on scientific and proven protocols.

How is the program delivered?

Firstly there is an onboarding week where you fill in health and migraine-specific questionnaires that will help us establish your Unique Migraine Profile.  From here, you will be taken step-by-step through exactly what you need to do to take control of your migraines.  Each week we will release a video that you can watch in your own time that educates you on a specific area, so you will become empowered to take charge of your own health.  Along with the video, you will have weekly action steps and support from within the group to apply the steps and ask questions. You will be fully supported online to make the changes required.  There is the option of additional 1-1 zoom calls for those that like more support.

How much time do I need to spend on the program?

20 minutes a day is all you need, and it can be done any time, via your phone or computer. It is important to note that this is not a quick fix, band-aid solution to your migraines. This program is designed to educate and empower you to take control of your health and support you to implement the strategies necessary to reverse your migraine symptoms and reclaim your health.   

Can't I just figure it out on my own?

If I'm being perfectly honest...no.  I have interviewed over 6000 people with migraine and it is rare ( less than 1%) that people have managed to figure it out on their own.    Everyone else continues to experience migraines and poor health for years, even decades.  Every person is unique, their migraine profile is unique and their recovery is going to be unique.  Trying to copy what has worked for someone else is not going to work that's why you need a proven system and the support to help guide you through your recovery.  

Will this program be offered again?

The application process for this program is open until June 30th 2022, with the course starting on the 1st July.  Due to the nature of the course participant numbers will be limited and accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.  The 50% discount applies whilst ever you maintain your membership.  This is the only time that we will offer this program at this rate.  In 2023 the course will be redesigned and offered for $1500.