Your vestibular system (your balance system) helps your brain create a 3D map of the world and orient you to other objects and other objects to you. So when you become dizzy, your orientation to the world then becomes askew, often leaving people feeling anxious. 

There are many different types of dizziness disorders, some affecting the inner ear, others affecting the central nervous system. Dizziness can be described in many ways but some common descriptions include feelings of off balance, swaying, rocking, the world is spinning and light headedness. Some of the common conditions that are treated in the clinic, but are not limited to, are: 

Different dizziness disorders have different aspects of the vestibular system affected and therefore it is important that an accurate diagnosis is made so that a thorough and accurate treatment and rehabilitation plan can be given. 


For treatment for all dizziness conditions, see Dr Beth (osteopath) and/or Dr Kevin (osteopath). 

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