In over 80% of cases, migraines are caused by dysfunctions in the upper 3 joints of the neck and sensitization of the brainstem. These dysfunctions often arise due to poor posture, leading to a forward head carriage, or from trauma. Using the Watson Headache ® Approach, these dysfunctions in the neck are treated and retrained using hands on, non-invasive techniques which work to de-sensitize the brainstem, addressing the underlying disorder of a migraine.

Posture plays a big role in the frequency and intensity of migraines. During the initial consultation, postural advice is given and is consistently followed up on. When appropriate, exercises are prescribed to help correct the dysfunctions in your neck to help retrain the neck to reduce the frequency and intensity of your migraines, and the chance of them returning.

Whilst you are undergoing treatment, it can also be a more pleasant experience for you to identify and avoid migraine triggers. Triggers can include dietary, environmental, physical, emotional and hormonal triggers. For a more comprehensive list, see here.

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