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In Dean Watson's first publication with P.D Drummond, 100% of tension type headache sufferers and 94% of migraine sufferers had their familiar head pain reproduced via thorough examination of their neck, showing the significant connection between head pain and the neck.
Watson DH, Drummond PD. Head Pain Referral During Examination of the Neck in Migraine and Tension-Type Headache. Headache 2012;52:1226-1235

So, the connection between the neck and head pain had been confirmed however many people have already had their neck treated before. How is the Watson Headache ® Approach different? The other piece of the puzzle that still needed solving for headaches and migraines was the sensitisation of the brainstem, which is widely regarded as the underlying disorder in migraines.

So Dean Watson and P.D Drummond continued their research and published a second paper that showed that when treating the upper cervical spine using the Watson Headache ® Approach in migraine sufferers, it worked to de-sensitise the brainstem. For the first time, a treatment for the neck was found to treat the underlying cause of migraines.
Watson DH, Drummond PD. Cervical Referral of Head Pain in Migraineurs: Effects on the Nociceptive Blink Reflex. Headache 2014;54:1035-1045

**If you have had a recent head trauma or have had a sudden onset of a new severe headache/migraine, or are over 50 and are experiencing an unusual headache for you, please see your doctor immediately.

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