The deep neck flexors - the pillars of strength of the neck

Uncategorized Aug 13, 2018
Our head weighs approximately the same weight as a light bowling ball (5kgs) and it sits atop our neck which is comprised of 7 cervical vertebra. The vertebra not only have muscles which attach to it that provide stabilization for the neck but these muscles also support the bowling ball of a head we carry around. So who are these muscles? They are the deep neck flexors: longus capitus and longus colli. 
The deep neck flexors run down the anterior and antero-lateral surface of your spine to help stabilise your neck and support your head when stationary and in movement. When these muscles get weak however, this leads to things like forward head posture which can lead to dysfunctions in through the upper 3 joints in your neck, leading to headaches and migraines.  
When the deep neck flexors are strong, they allow surrounding muscles to work optimally, however when they are weak, the other muscles need to work to support the neck and head and they can get over...
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Posture – what is it good for? Absolutely everything!

Uncategorized Jun 25, 2018
“Sit up straight!” “Don’t slouch!” Ah don’t those words sound familiar. Well your mother was right when she said these phrases over and over again and don’t seem to have been paying attention. Having good posture is important for the health of every part of our body including our lower back, pelvis, upper back, shoulders and even our mood. But most importantly having good posture in important for the health of our neck due to the strong connection that our neck has with headaches and migraines. Most of us know what good posture is supposed to look like and yet we don’t implement strategies to help us achieve it. So here are some tips to help you improve your posture to help decrease your headaches and migraines.
Desk ergonomics:
As a species we like to believe that we have evolved and yet with all the knowledge we have acquired I like to believe that we have begun to devolve because we have made ourselves slaves to our desk...
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The pill free solution to your headaches

Uncategorized Mar 15, 2018
Have headaches got you constantly in pain and feeling down?

That was the case for Mrs. X until she came and discovered the pill-free solution to her chronic headaches and migraines.
Mrs. X is a mid-30-year-old female with daily ‘background’ headaches that would spike into severe migraines once every 2-3 weeks. Although this sounds bad, this was actually the best Mrs. X had felt in years because her migraines used to be far more frequent.
What helped to decrease these headaches/migraines down to this current state was:
  • Preventative medication

    Botox injections into the back of the neck
    Plus pain medication when the migraines did attack.
All that medication and yet there was still no true relief.
Mrs. X had little sleep leading her to be constantly exhausted, but too much sleep would bring on a migraine. The constant pain and drowsiness were affecting her mood, her concentration and her ability to be sociable.
Mrs. X had previously had an MRI performed that was clear of...
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5 things you’ve been doing wrong for your headaches/migraines

Uncategorized Mar 14, 2018
Have you been suffering for years from headaches/migraines and tried everything under the sun to try to help them?
Here are the 5 common mistakes that people make when trying to treat their headaches and migraines.

According to the Migraine Research Foundation, migraines are the 3rd most prevalent illness in the world and the 6th most disabling.
In our ever increasingly busy lives, sometimes it is hard to take a moment to breathe, let alone stop to take a break. In between, kids, partners, friends, work, and activities, let alone the pain, no one has time to be regularly debilitated by migraines.
Wouldn’t life be that much easier without having to worry about headaches or migraines?
“Life throws enough challenges at us without having to deal with frequent headaches/migraines to make it even harder. Why not make life easier for yourself and take the time to work on you?”

-Dr. Beth Yule – Osteopath at Premier Sports and Spinal Medicine
Here are 5...
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Dr Beth Yule’s story : Daily migraines

Uncategorized Mar 14, 2018

How the Watson Headache ® Approach changed my life

Stop me if any of this sounds familiar:
  • You have suffered for years with headaches or migraines
  • You’ve had many rounds of manual therapy (e.g.physiotherapy) with little benefit or no lasting results,
  • You’ve had scans that have shown nothing to indicate the cause of your pain
  • Panadol and ibuprofen have become solid friends of yours
  • You may have even been upgraded to their stronger friends
  • You’ve even been placed on headache/migraine preventative medication which makes your pain better/more manageable, but hasn’t actually made it go away
If any of these statements sound familiar to you then you were in the same boat as me.

My name is Beth, I’m an Osteopath at Premier Sports and Spinal Medicine and I have suffered from daily migraines for 7 years.
As an Osteopath, I treat many ailments and injuries, but headaches and migraines hit close to home from personal suffering. The prognosis for...
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Everything you wanted to know about migraines, but were in too much pain to ask

Uncategorized Mar 07, 2018
Have you been suffering from migraines or know someone that does?
According to Headache Australia, approximately 15% of the population suffers from migraines at some point in their lives with the greatest prevalence between the ages of 35 and 45 years of age.
If you have been leaving your migraines untreated, or if they are being poorly managed, it can take you down a painful and frustrating path that can lead to:

Lack of motivation or drive
  • An inability to participate in physical activities

    Feelings of social isolation or withdrawal Not feeling like yourself
    Decrease in mood
Versus, if your migraines are properly treated by practitioners who specialise in this area:
  • An increase in motivation and drive

    A return to physical activities
    Participating in social gatherings, outings, and functions
    Feeling like yourself again
    Increase in mood
“Migraines aren’t like a sprained ankle. They aren’t something that people can physically see and acknowledge and therefore...
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The Watson Headache ® Approach

Uncategorized Mar 04, 2018

Headaches and migraines in the past have been poorly understood, diagnosed and managed, but now there is a non-invasive, skillful approach to treating them.
Dr. Dean Watson is an Australian Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist who has spent the past 30 years of his life treating headaches and migraines. Over the course of this time, he has developed a medication-free method of resolving headaches and migraines known as the Watson Headache ® Approach.
The traditional medical model aims around reducing or managing your symptoms rather than eliminating them, however with the Watson Headache ® Approach is different.
Through years of research, the Watson Headache ® Approach has identified that the top 3 cervical vertebrae of the spine are responsible for over 80% of headaches and migraines.
This occurs because of the area in the brainstem where nerves from your face and head mix with the nerves from your neck become sensitised, meaning that they are constantly firing. Therefore are...

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